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Laboratory diagnostics

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Complete blood count 5.50
Blood clotting test and hemoglobin count 2.30
Urinalysis 3.80
Nechiporenko test 3.30
Zimnitskiy test 2.50
Blood glucose test 2.90
Liver functions test using biochemical analyzer "Piccolo Express" 81.70
Testing of lipid profile using biochemical analyzer "Piccolo Express" 71.90
Estimation of urease activity in the exhaled air using the HELIK test system 13.80
Estimation of glycated hemoglobin in the blood 4.30
Estimation of total serum cholesterol by an enzymatic method 8.40
Package of diagnostic tests for men (if no extract from medical record is available) 28.00
Package of diagnostic tests for women (if no extract from medical record is available) 29.40