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Heated mud treatment

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For mud treatment we use sulfide mud of Saki lake (Crimea). Healing mud has a unique complex therapeutic effect on all functional systems of the human body. This is an invaluable gift of nature, containing the elixir of life and health. No natural medicine has better effectiveness, than natural mud. It is able to absorb almost any disease. The silt sulfide mud has all the mineral salts and microelements that our body needs, and and they are easy to absorb.  Together with microelements, a natural healing elixir penetrates into the human body, giving the malfunctioning organs additional energy to overcome diseases. Silt sulfide mud has for many decades returned the health and strength to the patients, supported them and gave confidence in the future. The healing mud of Saka lake truly makes wonders and returns the fullness of the of life and sensations, joy and beauty even to those who have lost all hope for healthy existence.

Mineral sulphide mud of Saki lake has the following composition: saline-saturated pore solution; gas factor (hydrogen sulfide); organomineral colloidal complex; microelements (bromine, iodine, etc.); biologically active organic residue.


Diseases of the musculoskeletal system: arthritis and polyarthritis of non – tuberculosis origin (rheumatoid arthritis in the inactive phase, infectious polyarthritis of a certain etiology - post-influenza, brucellosis, etc., traumatic arthritis), deforming osteoarthritis, spondylosis, spondylarthrosis, osteochondrosis of the spine with various neurological manifestations, chronic spondylitis (non-tuberculosis), the consequences of a bone fractures of the body and limbs, chronic synovitis, bursitis, tenosynovitis, fibrosis, myalgia, joint contracture, Dupuytren contracture, chronic osteomyelitis, adhesions after surgery.

Nervous system disease: neuralgia, polyneuropathy, plexopathy of various origins; degenerative-dystophic diseases of the spine with various neurological manifestations; the consequences of injuries of the roots of plexuses, nerve trunks, the consequences of injuries of the peripheral nervous system and spinal cord in the late recovery period (patient can move independently) and without pelvic organs functioning disorders.

Diseases of the genitourinary organs: chronic cystitis; chronic prostatitis; chronic inflammatory diseases of the uterus and yteric adnexa – chronic salpingoophoritis, chronic parametritis, metritis, endometritis; pelvic peritoneal adhesions; chronic inflammatory diseases complicated by infertility, miscarriage, ovarian hypofunction.

Diseases of the digestive system: gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer in remission, chronic colitis, enterocolitis, chronic cholecystitis, cholangitis without frequent exacerbations, recovery period after cholecystectomy (4-5 months after surgery), chronic pancreatitis without exacerbation, the consequences of inflammatory processes in the abdominal cavity – peritoneal adhesions, perigastritis, periduodenitis, pericholecystitis.

Ear, throat, nose diseases: chronic tonsillitis, chronic laryngitis, chronic inflammatory diseases of the paranasal sinuses and conditions after surgery, chronic inflammatory diseases of the ear.

Skin disease: chronic forms of eczema, and localized forms of atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, scarring of the skin.

Procedure  Cost

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Paraffin and ozokerite applications  8.70
Local application of Saka mud (1 zone) 12.10
Local application of Saka mud (additional zone) 6.30
Thin-layer mud wrap in capsule  16.80