We offer a wide range of effective medical and spa services, which will definitely help to improve your health. Experienced and caring staff will be attentive to your health, needs and wishes and will offer an individual scheme of treatment and recovery using advanced equipment and unique natural factors.

Guests are welcome to bring health card or an extract from the medical record, specifying diagnoses, examinations and all other information, that you consider necessary. We accept persons over 70 years of age only if they have a health card. Check-in without medical documents is allowed in exceptional cases (last minute deals, etc.) for persons under 60 years of age, examinations (ECG, General blood test, General urine test, blood glucose) are carried out on a fee basis.


Please note, that you can purchase any medical service in addition to those already included in the price at the health resort cash desk in cash or by credit card.

Specialization of the health resort:

  • diseases of the circulatory system;

  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue;

  • diseases of the digestive system;

  • diseases of the nervous system;

  • diseases of the genitourinary system;

  • diseases of the respiratory system (except for asthma).

Our specialists:

therapist, reflexologist, physiotherapist, psychotherapist, functional and ultrasound diagnostics doctor, dentist, gynecologist, neurologist.

We offer the following Recovery and Wellness programs:

Some treatments may be temporarily unavailable. If you are interested in a particular procedure, please check its availability before arrival.